Transcending Illusion & Aligning with truth

The SOURCE Collective exists to support YOU in your evolution.  It is a soul journey (with your soul tribe) to meet the greatest version of you that already exists…so you can easily attain everything you desire in life.  When you surrender to what is and embody your “higher self” … you create a true manifestation of limitless possibilities and abundance!

[Simple Translation] The financial abundance, business alignment, influence and impact you desire as an entrepreneur is available for you right now … you just need to step UP, slow down and watch the “Higher Self Video Series” to understand how to access it. 🙂

Are You Meant To Be Here?

Since you are reading this, I know that you are likely seeking answers to questions that are difficult to even describe. Yet, you know that you are a Change Maker.  You are here to make a difference in the world. And, you won’t stop until you find the inner peace (and create the impact) you are seeking.

Get The “Higher Self” Video Series

The first step of the journey to discover why this container may be exactly what you are looking for is to watch 5 videos we’ve created for you.  If you feel called to join our collective, you’ll receive instructions in your email on how to connect with your soul tribe and begin your journey to Reclaim Your Higher Self!

A Soul Journey To RECLAIM Your Higher Self!

Let’s be honest, you don’t need another “mastermind” to grow your business, you don’t need another “online program” to learn the latest marketing tactic, you don’t need another “self help book” to find the motivation to move forward and you don’t need another “support group” to keep you stuck in a trauma loop.

What you need is a reminder that YOU ARE ENOUGH and that your soul already knows the impact you are destined to make in this world.  YOU just get to believe it and embody it every single day!  Curious about how to do this? Get the video series!

Meet Your “Higher Self” Guides

Danielle Grant

I help awakened (and awakening) souls continue to evolve and ascend into their full potential as we move into the new earth.

You know there is another way to live and you are hearing the call but you feel confused and feel like you are stuck on your spiritual journey? Well, that’s where I come in.

I help you understand the following:

✨ What is the TRUTH you are seeking

✨ The universe, quantum physics, soul contracts, and all the ‘who-who’ wisdom

✨ The expensed conversation of religion

✨ The Shift from 3D to 4D to 5D and beyond

✨ The Teachings of The Pleiadians and Arcturians

When it comes to spirituality, I know your soul is seeking to be in alignment and living out your 5D life. In order to achieve that you need to understand self, how the energies of the planets are impacting you, and how to live from a mindful present state daily.

I understand, first hand, how frustrating and never-ending this spiritual journey can be, which is why I’m proud to say I’ve spent years 20 years studying and receiving this information, so that you can learn how to align and ascend into your 5D self without struggling, wasting time, and trying to connect this wisdom together.

My purpose is to help you shine bright, all while receiving everything that is true to you.


I help awakened (and awakening) souls that are ready to attract what they desire in life, surrender to their true calling, share their gifts with the world and amplify their impact.

As you dig deep on this journey of accessing your higher self, you will most certainly run into resistance when it’s time to share your true, authentic voice.  That’s where I come in.

I help you understand the following:

✨ Why your best “content strategy” to attract everything you desire is to share your true, authentic self

✨ How to create limitless abundance for you, your family and those you serve (with ease)

✨ How to embrace the “overwhelm” & “stress” of building the life you desire (by surrendering to what is)

✨ How to “unlearn” everything you know to be true about creating a profitable freedom business online

A more beautiful world exists with you in it sharing your gifts.  As a father, I know that my #1 job is to be a model for them on what it means to be a man, husband, father and leader in this world!  And it is also my responsibility to ensure that YOU step up and help me create the world I want to live in with them…and leave for them.

I will lead by example.  And, I will jump in the deep end with you when it comes time for you to fully launch yourself into the most known aspect of yourself.  My 20 years of success (and failures) in business and life have prepared me to be your guide, teacher and co-pilot.  I am exceptional at my craft … and I want you to leverage all of my earned wisdom! 


Trevor Turnbull

Higher Self (Actualization) Stories

Kelly Burke

Sportscaster & Video Coach
“I was going through a rough time emotionally because so much of my identity was centered in being a sports broadcaster. Going through Covid and reconnecting with you (Trevor) made me realize I have so many gifts that can be applicable to so many areas to serve others.”

Tyler Basu

Digital Marketer & Real Estate Investor
“I remember on one of the calls everyone was sharing financial goals. I shared that I had a goal to get 10 rental properties in 10 years. Danielle pushed back on me asking why I thought it would take 10 years. That really stuck with me…I’ve challenged my beliefs on everything since then.”

Sharon Marrell

Psychic Medium & Artist

“I have all the knowledge I need to do whatever business I want to do. I don’t need to keep taking courses, I need to just do it. Having Danielle there for emotional support when you are going off into monkey mind and crazy thoughts, that’s where she was that grounding.

Mike Prince

Conscious Creator Podcast Host & Entrepreneur
“This is no longer even close to overwhelming. It’s just the small details of showing up and doing the work. The knowledge you (Trevor) bring to the table has streamlined the whole process of making my vision come to life!

Christine Rothman

Mental Health Advocate & Happiness Guide

“Everything else I’ve purchased has been online courses or large group calls. This is very personalized and interactive. You are heard, seen, acknowledged and guided. Every time I get off a call with you guys I’m dancing around. There’s a vibe. It’s real. I feel your “spiritualness”. You care.

Michael Hession

Infinity Banking Consultant

“This is what I need. It’s also what I resist. Knowing the value that this process will provide and resisting it at the same time because it’s new.  There’s a part of me that wants to keep things as is and not expand.  But this is unique because of the whole spiritual angle to it.”

Are YOu Ready To actualize Your infinite (untapped) Potential?

The Life & Business You’ve Dreamed Of Is Accessible To You Right Now!